I start each set discovery coaching call with personality tying to take a look at your hard wiring so we can find your motivations, strengths and blind spots. This is helpful in knowing why you act or think the way you do, while also identify talents and gifts that you may not be aware of. Knowing what fuels you up and what depletes you will be helpful in implementing your vision.

Habit inventory

We also look at life experiences and prioritize your essential needs with a habit inventory. This self awareness sets a baseline for change. I teach habit strategies that work with your hard wiring and your tendency for motivation.

Vision Casting

Now that you know how things are now, it’s fine to acknowledge what you want it to look like. This allows us to reverse engineer into action steps and get you closer to your goals faster. Vision casting board workshops are great tools for getting clear on what you want. This also gives a valuable reason why you want to make changes for building a new habit.

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