It's time to go from 
Chaos to Confidence 

It's time to go from Chaos to Confidence 

Are you ready to break free from the chaos and into confidence?  It's not your fault that you think you aren't good enough, society has taught you to fit in and be like everyone else.   It's time to be like you.   Build self awareness and start loving yourself while working on yourself.  Own it sister!

Is it time that you did that thing?


You've been shrinking from the spotlight for too long, masking yourself from the world and hiding where it's safe from rejection and criticism. 

It doesn't have to be this way.  Chasing that next shiny object, defaulting powerlessly to that dopamine stimulation of something new.  You can choose calm and routine instead of chaos without it being boring.

You'll never feel satisfied with meeting the external goals without doing the work on the inside.  Trust me, I've yo yo dieted all my life and even at my "goal weight" I wasn't content with myself.  I thought I wanted a number on the scale, but what I really wanted was contentment and self acceptance.  

It's it time you finally did that thing you've always wanted to do.

You don't have to do it alone.

“Honestly, this program changed my life forever and enriched my whole dang life.”

- sarah

Here's What You Need:

More confidence 

Something is holding you back from meeting the goals that you have.  It's time to look at who you are, what you want and let yourself have it. 

amplify your strengths 

Instead of picking apart ourselves we need to amplify our strengths and embrace the many facets of us. 

freedom to be authentically you

Honor your hard stuff by showing up authentically you. 

You think you need to lose weight and hurry up and get to where you once was before you can be confident.  The truth is that you do need to get back to who you are authentically are and build confidence from the inside out!  

chaos to confidence masterclass


teach me plz


Gain self awareness and clarity by learning about who you are.  Investigate what makes you "you."  Identify your unique gifts and strengths.  Look at enneagram, tendency for motivation and life experiences that influence how we do the things we do. 

Course breakdown:

teach me plz


Do you think you deserve the future you envision?  Learn how to build self worth and let yourself have the vision that you want. 

teach me plz


Unpack the self sabotaging behaviors that are keeping you stuck.  Prepare and repair fears that hold you back and finally get to the other side of sabotage.

teach me plz


What if you just had self control?  This module we look at implementation, routine and hacks that work with how you are made and doesn't bore you to tears.  Learn about cycle syncing and big picture strategy as well as celebrating wins and acknowledging progress.






The results you're going to get:

How does this sound?

Build self worth and allow yourselves to step into a vision of what you want.

prepare for sabotaging behaviors and work through roadblocks in your way.

Kick that imposter syndrome and self doubt in the booty and finally feel confident with self talk management and mindset work. 

gain self control and implementation tools for habit formation.

build self awareness and identify skills, passions and life experiences that are keeping you stuck.


Gain clarity on who you are, what you want and the steps to get there.  Self awareness of blind spots, strategies for motivation and self sabotaging behaviors. 


You can do so many things, and you do.  You are multifaceted and uber talented.  You will learn how to own your gifts, choose where to focus your attention to gain traction in your life and business.  You will learn about building habits and routines that fit with who you are and strategies to move the needle for your goals.


What will you do with this new found confidence?  Use your hard stuff to create something wonderful for yourself and others.  


How it works

i'm Ready!

"This course changed my life. My whole damn life. I swear, it's that good!

i'm ready

"This course gave me the courage to finally quit my job, and start my biz"

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A year from now they
will have wished they started today....

so let's get  them started!

“If you're On the fence, let me just say this is the absolute best decision you can make.”

- destiny

You have everything you need to own your confidence.  It's time to love yourself just the way you are and gain self acceptance so you can grow from there into the person you are meant to be.  The other side of the negative self talk, yo yo diets and spent energy searching is calm and contentment.  Step into who you are, own what you want and gain a plan and strategy to gain follow through toward it.  

You're stronger than you think you are. But if you're anything like me, you need help to see your gifts and gain follow through on your goals, honor your hard stuff, and show up authentically you. 

One day at a time. Together.

Be showing up confident and uniquely you.

Finally gain the follow through to meet your goals.

Be able to clearly articulate who you are, what you want and how you'll get there. 

Have a clear actionable plan in place for meeting your goals and taking things to the next level. 

Gauge expectations with cycle syncing. 

Embrace authority and confidently make steps for change in life and business. 

By the end of __, you will...


Ten years ago, I was  broken and grieving and feeling like I was living life on a loop.

After my mom passed away suddenly at just 48 something changed in me.  I realized that no matter how much chasing I did I wouldn't ever be content.  I was moving the goal line over and over and wearing myself out.  I was never content and always starting and restarting.  Since my mom was the person I "did health" with I struggled with my self image and had gained and lost 80 pounds more than once.  Each time I was never content, and until you do the inner work you won't either.  You think you want to lose weight, but you really need contentment and self acceptance.  At least I did. 

i can help because i've been there

but nowI know how to help!

This course membership is the only one of its kind because...

people need people to get through the hard stuff. 

Everyone had dealt with and will deal wit hard stuff.   It's not the getting knocked down, but the staying down that stalls progress and makes us ultimately quit on our goals.   

Change is easier together.  The model for this course is TEACH, LEARN, APPLY that allows for you to use the information you take in and make it your own.  Want to gain confidence for a boudoir shoot?  Awesome!  Want to learn how to confidently show up on a podcast, fb live or call for your business?  This will help you too.  

there are photos at the end!

As a beauty, branding and boudoir photographer I've seen the transformation that occurs when a woman starts to see her beauty.  She is looking at the back of the camera and saying, "Is that really me?"  It's been you all along, you just needed help on getting her to come out. 

Will you pick a beauty, boudoir or branding session at the end?

Study at your own pace

Plan based on your energy and interests


Follow a proven roadmap

This program includes everything you need to show up confidently in life and business.

There is no magic button on this work.  This won't be 100% comfortable change and I can't promise that you'll meet your goal.  That said, I can assure you that pouring into your self discovery journey will allow for you to finally inventory what you want  and start to foster trust.  Once you keep the promises you make to yourself you will begin to trust yourself and take confident steps forward.  This will only take you so far, you'll need that trust to take you all the way. 

This      for you if:

You need to finally make time for yourself.

you don't struggle with self confidence.

YOu think you need to lose weight before you can do ___.

YOU'RE NOT WILLING to show up for yourself and others.

you're ready to own your strengths and discover more about yourself.

It's probably        for you if...

YOU'RE perfect



Let's do this thing.