6 Ways to Restructure your Time for Productivity


Do you wish you could be more productive, but time seems to fly by?  In today’s episode we talk about ways to restructure your time for productivity as a creative rebel or adhd entrepreneur.  Time blindness is bound to happen without some implementing some strategies to redirect your attention and focus back on task

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Published by Angel McElhaney

Hi, I’m Angel McElhaney and multipassionate momma just like you! I’ve often felt like It was impossible to niche down and hated the thought of doing only one thing! I know help other multipassionate moms who need clarity, focus and energy to take the entrepreneurial spirit to build a life they love. I believe that you can have it all if you answer the call on their hearts and have developed a focus framework using self discovery, personality mapping and support to focus your energy and have build success in life and business. After losing my mom when she was just 48 I realized that time was fleeting and that it was time to start living. Come along with me as we push through roadblocks and build a life were you do more of what you love. Check out my fb community called Multipassionate Mompreneur Collective where we offer support and community.

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