5 Hacks to Healthy Habits and ending the year strong


What a year! 

Now that it’s getting colder and darker earlier I could feel my energy drop.  I did several things to get my energy back up and wanted to share with you some tried and true ways to protect your energy and prioritize your health.  I know everyone says, “put your mask on first” but do you prioritize it when you have a deadline after procrastinating?  It’s hard to make yourself do it in these circumstances and so let’s get intentional and do it together. 

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1.) Isolate – Prioritize time alone whether that be a walk outside, running an errand or even a shower!  After two weeks quarantining a meal out and about is going to feel like a vacation for me so fresh air and the power of putting your shoes on is real!  While people need people to get through stuff I want you to prioritize even just 15 minutes alone a day so that you can reflect, breath, pray or be.  For whatever reason just “Be-ing” is underrated compared to “Do-ing” so we need to make some intentional adjustments there!


2.) Generate Movement-  I’m not even saying this so that you lose that quarantine 15, but the mental benefits of movement are huge too!  I want you to pick an amount of time you want to commit to moving and just do it.  Even if it is some squats before you jump into the shower, some squats while waiting for that coffee to reheat for the second time or going for a walk. 


3.) Moderate-  Pick something you want to moderate.  Maybe you want to slay the sugar dragon, declutter your house, or manage your carbs.  Pick something and make it specific, measurable and realistic and focus on this one thing. 


4.) Regulate- Ok so you said what you want to moderate, now we need to figure out how you want to track that progress.  Do you want to download an app to track your food or movement?  Maybe you will take measurements or get a huge water bottle.  


5.)  Create-  Remember this is a time to get back to basics.  Remove so much input and focus on creating. This creating time doesn’t need to be for monetization, but it can be for service or even just you.  When is the last time you dropped all the business to dos and just created whatever you wanted? Come on over to the facebook group or find me on instagram and tag me with your creations.  I can’t wait to see what you make when you remove all the noise.


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