How to go from Idea to Execution as a Squirrelpreneur

3 steps to go from Idea to Execution as a Squirrelpreneur or Jack of all trades

  1. Idea 
  2. Dream
  3. Goals

But… how?

Brain dump all of your ideas and look at the times in your lives that you have had hard stuff and overcame.  I want you to think about yourself and all your life experiences and I want you think about the things that fire you up, tick you off or stir up some kind of emotion.  News flash, these feelings mean it’s important and you care.  Caring is the main step in actually sticking with your idea.  This makes it important and helps you to redirect when you get off track instead of quit. 


DREAM= Big Picture

What is the impact you want to create in the world?

If you focus on the results and the solution that you can create for someone then you will have fuel.  Energy is key in finishing anything.  This key in thinking of the big picture for your vision and WHY you are doing this in the first place.  You need to tie that vision to your emotion to honor your hard stuff and use that to fuel you up when you feel your energy deplete.


Let yourself dream and figure out the answer to the question, “What do I want?”  Stop doing all the things that everyone says to do and slow down and zero in on what you actually want to do and why it is important to you and your impact.  


Goals-The small stuff

Gain traction in your goals and finally get that idea into action by breaking up that big picture dream into smaller chunks.  I just got the image of my kindergartener trying to read a big word.. wouldn’t you think he would give up if I didn’t teach him in chunks?  Same thing applies here.. allow yourself to get small wins along the way.  Also, if you are ADHD, distractible or a rebel like me then x3 your timeline, plan time to rest with cycle syncing in mind (check out my episode on that here) and set yourself up for success.

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