// 9 Signs you Self Sabotage your Happiness and Success as a Creative Rebel


What are the self sabotaging beliefs and behaviors that you are doing right now?

What is Self Sabotage?

Behaviors or thought patterns that are holding you back.  Self sabotaging behaviors prevent you from getting what you want and undermine what your core values and goals.

Our brain keeps us safe

When we are being stretched for growth our brain can’t differentiate that from a real threat to our well-being and so it takes these steps towards the unknown as scary and dangerous.  This makes us more likely to step back and self sabotage our growth in favor of the comfortable and known.  It’s not your fault!  We are wired this way.  Take some of these steps to push past the fear and uncomfortable feelings and FEEL through them instead of run from them. 

Want to learn more about this stress response?  Check out this article here for more information on this. 

Some self sabotage behaviors are: 

  • Procrastination
  • Perfectionism
  • Problem based thinking instead of solution based thinking (Click here for an episode on this)
  • Over indulgence
  • Comparisonitis
  • Imposter Syndrome
  • Focusing on urgent tasks vs. important tasks
  • Saying “I don’t have time” or “I don’t have money” or other limiting beliefs that are keeping you small.
  • Using absolutes in your language like “never” or “always”

What can I do if I am self sabotaging?

  • Surround yourself with people who will pour belief in you.  
  • Reflect-Make time and space for you to have time alone, with God, to journal or to reflect on what you want, your big picture vision and get in alignment with your goals and core values or intentions. 
  • Focus on YOUR journey-Compare yourself to only yourself, unfollow people that triggers you comparing yourself with. 
  • Time block-Change how you are thinking about time-blocking and realize that this will give you more traction and beat distraction and feel more control. Check out my episode on this here.
  • Let it go! Don’t dwell on past mistakes or failures and forgive yourself and take the next right step (totally a FROZEN reference there ha!)
  • Start Small-Give yourself small wins so you can build confidence and belief in yourself and show yourself you are capable.

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