// Ready to Grow an Audience? The SECRET Formula to Sales and Profitability with Stefanie Gass


Ready to Grow an Audience?  The SECRET Formula to Sales and Profitability with Stefanie Gass

Today we speak with Stefanie Gass from the Mompreneur Mastermind Podcast and the creator of the podcast course that helped this multipassionate “creative ADD” mompreneur mama to launch a podcast in 30 days!  It’s an amazing course and contains everything you need to plan, launch, promote, monetize and so much more.  Check out my affiliate link here if you are interested in podcast pro university (I do get a percentage of these sales).

First, we speak with Stefanie Gass, the #1 podcaster for Christian entrepreneurs, and we started with revisiting this previous episode about niching down to your “one thing” as a multipassionate mompreneur.  

What are you created to do?

Ask yourself this question and really take into account the skills you have, the life experiences that give you the authority to help others that haven’t been through the same hard stuff like you, and also your passions. 

What if you have many things you want to do?

You can have many passions, but it’s more so doing “ONE THING” at a time.  You can do it all, but you need to do it one thing at a time so that you can really zone on who you can help and attract them authentically. 


How do I grow an audience?

To grow an audience you need to focus more on serving authentically and less on monetizing.  You need to focus on your avatar and what they need and how to solve their problems and then you will have the audience to actually sell to and it’ll be what she wants.

The secret to sales and profitability in your business is SERVICE and TRUST.


How to build trust and serve my audience?

Stefanie Gass built her audience in her Facebook group, Mompreneur Mastermind, and decided to use serve also with a podcast.  Her podcast is a way to serve and then use the Facebook group and 1:1 coaching to implement with her avatar.  This was the key to learning from her avatar and get your “LOLA,” as Stef calls her avatar, to tell you what she needs.


Stefanie was able to use podcasting and move people to her Facebook group, Mompreneur Mastermind group she was able to grow her audience organically by 100K.  Then, in a year and a half in she was able to increase her revenue/income 1600% and have 60% of her income coming from passive products and courses.  Now she’s coming up on 2 years of podcasting and she only works Monday to Friday and only works 20-25 hours a week. 


If I give them all of my stuff will they still hire me?

Yes!  People will hire you and get your help as a guide to implement the content. 


What are the trust tiers?

Trust Tier 1- Serving with large form content like a podcast, YouTube channel or blogger.  This tier is teaching content and leaving it to be consumed, but it’s one-sided.  This is the free stuff!


Trust Tier 2– Serving deeper with Facebook groups.  There is a dialogue that takes place within the facebook group that allows for the person to be heard.  In this stage you find out exactly what she needs and then you create it and she buys it.  This is when your avatar spends $1-500 with you.


Trust Tier 3– Masterminds, Retreats.  This is that deeper connection and typically when someone spends $501 and up with you. 


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