// Is your freebie or lead magnet a dud? How to rework an opt in that converts -Work with me Wednesday


What is a freebie or lead magnet and why do I need one?

A freebie or lead magnet or opt in is a way for people to get on your email list.  This is a way for them to get to know you and what you do and also for you to communicate when you release something that would help them, as well as a way for you to develop a two sided dialogue that could help with market research so you know what to create.  In short, this is an awesome way for you to serve and solve for free so that you can sell later when appropriate. 


Already have a freebie? 3 reasons why it may not be working

1.) Content- Is your content for the freebie speaking to the biggest pain point that she has?  Is the language in the copy words that she uses?  You can utilize market research questions in other groups that you person hangs out to learn this language or some of my engagement tips found in the facebook group, my 6 categories to post to boost your engagement in 30 days freebie or in your own DMs. 

2.) Title- Is your title juice?  A clickable title will be something that hooks you in.  Sometimes it’s useful to put it as a question or a number of ways to do something or go back to that language and get those keywords in the title.  Is the promise clear and specific?  Sometimes it’s just too big of a compilation of things versus speaking to one clear solution or promise. 

3.) Distribution-  Are you promoting your freebie?   Add it to your files in your facebook group and then make sure that you have membership questions when you enter the group.  This will also attract her to your group. Promote the results from your freebie, show it being used in your stories if possible, and do this often.  We think that people are seeing our stuff, but it’s just not the case.   Also, go to other groups and drop your freebie in freebie friday posts, ask questions that show you your person, ask an admin if you can share it or even dm people that you know could benefit and tell them you think it could help them.  


In this episode we brainstorm coach and mentor Michelle Porterfield of Set free Sisterhood Podcast.  We also talk about how to use her freebie to get her audience a quick win, build trust and belief that they can take a break from alcohol in her Ditch the Wine Witch challenge coming next month.  Have you considered taking a break from alcohol and want support?  Check out her podcast and fb group too. 



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