// Ready to Create a Course? 3 Steps to get Your First Module Done!


How to know if you are ready to create a course?

Are you constantly asked the same things? Do you have a system that you can record and teach to package up your process?  If this is the case you are ready?

Where do I begin?

Step 1:

I recommend going to  Mindmeister  and brain dumping all of your ideas, steps and then look at what is essential to your process.

A good rule of thumb is to have about 6 modules for a signature course or 3 or so for a mini course. Within the course it’s a good idea to try and keep it to 6 lessons or so and not overwhelm people with length either by keeping it around 6 x 6 x 6.  I saw this in something by Grace Lever and it made total sense.

What should my course be on?

As much as I like the feel good emotional stuff of mindset, happiness and the like I want you to make your course focused on the outcome you can measure.  While mindset can be a module it shouldn’t be the whole takeaway in my opinion. 

For instance, my course I’m working on has emotional links for sure.  It’s about connection and community and collaboration and building trust.. but how can I measure that? I’m measuring this with fb engagement.  People will be able to get a plan, follow it and build engagement that they will are in their insights and even leads that they generate later when they are through solving her problems.

Step 2:

Build an outline using whatever you like, I recommend Canva. I love the look of Canva and I bet you will too! I’m including modules on how to use Canva in my course by the way! If you want on the waiting list message me at info@angelmcelhaney.com or shoot me a Dm in social media on fb or Instagram @angel.mcelhaney

Step 3: 

Go to loom.

Look allows you record videos, organize them in folders and I especially like it over because I can trim the videos easily which can’t do in zoom. 

Click record then open up your presentation on Canva and start your module.  Forget the fluff and get straight to the point. Remember they can come to your podcast, YouTube channel or blog to get your long form content and this course is meant for them to get what to do so they can get the result.  Make this efficient.

Step 4: 

Upload to your course platform of choice. I went with podia because it was comparable to teachable and thinkific, but with no transaction fees and I liked that it allowed the ability to sell digital downloads and even offers membership sure option if I ever wanted to use that. 

Interested in podia too? Click here For my referral link.

I can’t wait to see what you create! The world needs what you have and why not package it up as a passive product and save time for what matters most to you?! 

Come over to Multipassionate Mompreneur and get the support that you need to get into action. 

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Hi, I’m Angel McElhaney and multipassionate momma just like you! I’ve often felt like It was impossible to niche down and hated the thought of doing only one thing! I know help other multipassionate moms who need clarity, focus and energy to take the entrepreneurial spirit to build a life they love. I believe that you can have it all if you answer the call on their hearts and have developed a focus framework using self discovery, personality mapping and support to focus your energy and have build success in life and business. After losing my mom when she was just 48 I realized that time was fleeting and that it was time to start living. Come along with me as we push through roadblocks and build a life were you do more of what you love. Check out my fb community called Multipassionate Mompreneur Collective where we offer support and community.

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