// Need Motivation? 4 Questions to Ask Yourself to Learn Your Tendency


Have you been trying to meet a goal and feel like you can’t make yourself do it? Hmm.. I wonder if you are a rebel like me! Take the quiz at www.4tendendciesquiz.com

To find out which one you are. 

What are the 4 tendencies?

The 4 tendencies was developed by Gretchen Rubin and helps to know how you tend to respond to expectations.  The 4 tendencies are Rebel, Obliged, Upholder and Questioner. 

How do the 4 tendencies respond to expectations and what are the 4 questions to ask yourself to find out which sounds like you? 

Rebel  -resists inner and outer expectations and wakes up saying “what do I want to do today?”  

A rebels strategy for meeting a goal and staying motivated is going to be Identity.  This is what I am. Come over to Multipassionate Mompreneur fb community or find me on Instagram and let me know what you are and if you want to join our #virtualwalk then shoot me a voice DM!

Obliger- meets outer expectations and resists inner expectations. The question they wake up saying is “what do I have to do today?”  If this sounds like you then your strategy for staying motivation is going to be accountability.

Upholder- meets outer expectations and meets inner expectations. An upholder asks themself “what do others expect from me and what do I expect of myself?  The strategy for motivation for an upholder is going to be scheduling. 

Questioner- resists outer expectations, but meets inner expectations.  A questioner asks themself “what do I think I should do according to my judgement?”  Their strategy for staying motivated is going to be clarity on why. 

Which sounds like you? 

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Hi, I’m Angel McElhaney and multipassionate momma just like you! I’ve often felt like It was impossible to niche down and hated the thought of doing only one thing! I know help other multipassionate moms who need clarity, focus and energy to take the entrepreneurial spirit to build a life they love. I believe that you can have it all if you answer the call on their hearts and have developed a focus framework using self discovery, personality mapping and support to focus your energy and have build success in life and business. After losing my mom when she was just 48 I realized that time was fleeting and that it was time to start living. Come along with me as we push through roadblocks and build a life were you do more of what you love. Check out my fb community called Multipassionate Mompreneur Collective where we offer support and community.

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