// Focus on this ONE THING and you’ll be a success! Plus 5 CORE DOMAINS that drive motivation and how to use them in your Facebook groups


By now we all know that once you complete one thing there is always another when it comes to business and mom life, but what if you could have this ONE THING at the core of what you do that could help you succeed in all the things.  Yes, I’m talking about the thing that is critical to a successful business, motherhood, and marriage on today’s podcast episode on Multipassionate Mompreneur.


What is the ONE THING you need to succeed? 

The one thing we need to succeed is Connection.  In the book, “Social: Why Our Brains Are Wired to Connect” we learn that from award-winning neurologist Matthew Lieberman on how social interaction and connection to others is more valuable than money and other extrinsic motivators.  It’s no new news that social interaction is important and we know that we are social creatures, but did you know this social aspect can relieve physical pain?  As humans, we want to move from pain and towards pleasure so understanding this could help us to provide insight on how we run our businesses and validate the time inputted to connecting with people.  

Why is this information useful for online marketers?

Knowing who you are serving and knowing their motivations is essential to generating leads and making sells, but it also will help you to make lasting connections in collaboration and growth as an entrepreneur.  I believe that connection to yourself, others and God are the foundations on which we can feel centered and happier overall.  

What is that is the SCARF MODEL?

The S.C.A.R.F motivation model is an easy way to remember the five major domains across which people are making assessments as to whether something is moving them closer to pleasure or to “good” stimuli or way from threats or “bad” stimuli.   This model was developed by David Rock and is a brain-based model that is used as a tool to help people work effectively with one another and collaborate.  

The acronym “SCARF” stands for status, certainty, autonomy, relatedness, and fairness.

How can I use this in building a community that drives motivation to engage?

Status- Relative importance to others    

Ex: this can show up in a facebook group as edifying and empowering people.  Show them that you see their contribution to the community and have value.  Ask them to go live in your community, to share their experiences and even to have a role as a moderator to help others in the group.   Also, you can ask their opinions on things in your life and business and value their opinions with polls.

Certainty- concerns being able to predict future outcomes

Ex:  People want to envision the future outcomes of working with you, participating in the group etc.  This is one reason why testimonies are amazing for Facebook groups.  This could also be fostered by you showing for certain that you are going to show up and build on the certainty of what to expect in the group with it being super clear in the title, description, and content on what the group is used for. 

Autonomy-  provides a sense of control over events.  

Ex: People want to feel like they have control on what could happen in their lives.  In a facebook group this motivator could be fostered by doing a group challenge with a small win to show them that they can do it.  This builds confidence and autonomy and allows them to go more “all in” with you, because they can see how they can control and change their lives.  

Relatedness- sense of safety with others-able to decide if you are a friend or foe. 

Ex: Be vulnerable.  This could look like showing something that you messed up on or a time where you felt unsure or less of an expert.  This could even be showing behind the scenes and those less than perfect life moments.  The perfect place for this is IG stories to me, but can be done in Facebook groups in the forms of Facebook lives, posts, and showing up authentically. 

Fairness- The need for justice and honoring right vs. wrong and fair exchanges among others. 

Ex: Set rules and stick to them in your group.  Don’t allow someone to share and promote and not others.  Show the process for how to winners of giveaways are decided by either using the Facebook insights that show you the most engaged people or by showing a video of the winner being called in a random name generator tool.  


Status, relatedness, and fairness are more “social” in their applications to me but I felt it important to make sure you were aware of them all.  I’m sure you have seen where starting small with a little win to build autonomy with a client to build their confidence has impacted their motivation to even try though right?  This core factor could be huge in getting your clients to try and the certainty factor is them being able to envision the future which is huge in this too.   Human behavior is driven by these factors so use them in your life and business and prioritize connection and engagement. 


Facebook Engagement Accelerator

Now you know why we should care about connection and engagement in our businesses and life.  So now what?  If you want to foster a community around these five domains and a plan and strategy to connect, nurture and generate leads using Facebook then shoot me a DM on facebook or instagram and get on the waitlist for extra bonuses on my upcoming course.  

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