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What is Facebook Group Challenge?

A Facebook challenge typically happens in a pop-up Facebook group or in your own group.  The idea of a Facebook challenge is to build trust, serve and give your audience a quick win or taste of what they will get to work with you, buy your course etc.  Facebook Challenge groups can be great if you have an existing product or service or you want to use the group to fine tune content for an upcoming course or product. 

Why should I have a Facebook Group Challenge?

Facebook Group Challenges build know, like and trust factor.  They build a container for quick wins and connection.  During the challenge you can learn more about what your avatar needs to solve their problems and build community that they don’t want to end. 

Jess Winnett

Today’s interview is with Jess Winnett who is a mom of 4, wife, and entrepreneur who coaches mompreneurs.  She helps them to launch and build minimalistic and profitable online businesses.  She has a passion for seeing women step fully into their passion and purpose without sacrificing what matters most to them. 

Tips for A Successful Facebook Challenge

1.) Know your Who

You have to talk to one specific person when you run your challenge.  This person can be different in each Facebook challenge but needs to be super niched down for the challenge to attract your ideal audience.  In your messenging speak to the the pain points of your audience’s problem using their language.  You can discover their language by doing market research in other facebook groups, get into the DMs of your audience.  

2.) Know your Promise

Knowing the quick win that you will give your audience will give a clear purpose for the challenge.  If you make the content too much in the group then you may overwhelm your audience and they won’t get to the output part of the challenge.  Ask yourself “What is the big result they will get from the facebook challenge group?”

How to Fill A Facebook Group Challenge?

Jess Winnett has had some of the most engaged facebook group challenges that I’ve ever seen.  As most of you know by now from listening to my podcast here engagement is connection and that’s what matters in online marketing over followers, friends, or members in our group so I interviewed her on today’s podcast to get you all the deets! 

Time vs. Money

You have a choice, would you like to spend time or money to promote your facebook group challenge?

Do you want to spend some time promoting your Facebook Group Challenge on guest spots on podcasts, Facebook lives, Facebook Groups, IG stories, and emails or do you want to spend money on cold market Facebook ads?  I prefer cultivating a warm market with engagement and connection, but the choice is yours. Which would you choose?

3 Things to Think about when it comes to Facebook Group Challenges

Pre-challenge-Open your group about 5-7 days before the group starts.  I recommend taking into account cycle syncing so that you will feel energized.  Find out more about this here.  Post a video explaining your giveaway (Jess recommends doing a giveaway for the most engaged) and also do a pre-challenge (Jess usually has a prize for the first 5 to do the pre-challenge).  The pre-challenge is typically going life saying something about themselves or what they expect from the challenge etc.  

Challenge- Decide how long your challenge will be and when it will happen.  Jess does her challenges on Thursday, Friday and Saturday and gives them Sunday to catch up and then Finishes up on Monday and Tuesday.   She goes live on zoom and shares it into the group and records it and offers the recordings later for a low point offer of $27.  She also does an optional add on of implementation with her challengers with a low point offer in the challenge that they can add on.  She shares this into the group with others to see and hear and I believe this helps to build connection and for people to see the results.  During these sessions she talks with her clients that opted into the add on and they apply the teaching from the day or discuss how to apply it.  Create a few PDFs to help your facebook group challengers to apply the information from the facebook live. 

Post Challenge- Don’t leave the trainings up forever no matter where you do the group.  If it’s in a pop up or in your facebook group they need to feel the urgency of being on facebook live, doing the work in the moment etc or they will save it for later.  Jess goes on Facebook Lives for an additional free training or Q and A after presenting her offer on day 5.  After the challenge she leaves the pop up group up, but deletes the videos.  If you do this challenge again you can do it in this same pop up, but redo the videos each time.  

Should I do a pop up or my group?

Jess prefers pop ups because it is the person entering the group raising their hand to be “in” the challenge.  This commitment in the group ensures that you have more engaged people in the group and that they want to be there.  She also says that Facebook will prioritize new Facebook groups content and will more readily show notifications of a new group to its members.

Connect with Jess on facebook or instagram and check out her next challenge or come over to instagram or facebook and tell me about your next facebook group challenge. 

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