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In today’s podcast episode we talked with Jacqueline Howard of the Optimize to scale podcast.  She is an executive virtual assistant who now helps other moms become virtual assistants and make money online while at home.  You can connect with Jacqueline at her email here or on her website here

What are you naturally good at? 

Ask yourself this question and do an inventory on what your skill set is and what comes naturally to you.  Chances are that the things that come naturally to you seem too easy and you probably are amazed that someone wouldn’t be able to do them on their own.    It’s important that you make it focused on your skills so that you can be successful in making money at home and that you won’t have to have a huge learning curve.  Jacqueline mentions having a quick win built in as you step out as a virtual business and this will make it easier and your work, or social proof that comes from putting yourself out there, will be better. 

What are your daily standards?

What are your core values that you want to keep a priority?  It’s important that you be realistic as you gauge how much time tasks will take you and how much time you have or are willing to trade to make money at home.  Do you want to first be an excellent wife and mother?  This can also help you with deciding pricing as you grow and avoid burn out.  

3 Things to do to start making money now as a virtual assistant

1.) Get Legal

Yes this part is scary and it’s stepping out and declaring that you are doing the thing!  We recommend that you resist the overanalyzing that often turns into imposter syndrome and then ends in analysis paralysis and instead start with your name.  Although Jacqueline says that you can do multiple things as a virtual assistant, which yes it makes my multi passionate mompreneur heart happy haha, you don’t have to do it all at once.

Find out what your state requires to do a sole proprietorship or LLC.  We aren’t lawyers and can’t give legal advice, but a quick google search will put you on the right track.  In short, LLC protects your assets and divides your business and personal, whereas a sole proprietorship is lumped together. Don’t get lost in the weeds with this though, depending on your state many times this is super simple.  Through the state website you can get the EIN number that you need.  Another thing that Jacqueline recommends is a separate account set up, a P.O Box at your local post office if you want to be able to keep your address off of emails and things and any contracts or licenses for your particular business. 

2.) Get visible

Pick a platform like facebook, linked or instagram and get yourself out there.  Network in facebook groups, serve and solve for your avatar and look at job opportunities that you are qualified for.  Don’t get lost in the back office stuff and work on making content for your ideal client 60% of the time to show your knowledge and leverage the authority and expertise that you have.  

3.) Social Proof

Social proof is a fancy way of saying start the doing part of this.  Get yourself some clients by asking questions like ” when it comes to ________ what do you struggle with most.”  Save these posts in your phone, learn the language, struggles and hopefully solutions for your avatar that will make it a no brainer for them to work for you. In short, show what you know and build social proof and remember to ask for referrals, reviews and keep customer service paramount. 

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