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Does the idea of going live on facebook, IG stories or the new IG Reels freak you out?  Today I talk with Virginia Kerr, video and marketing coach and strategist and we talk about the 3 must have tips for showing up on video to build trust in your business. 

3 MUST HAVES before you start and to jot down on a post it before you start!

1.) HOOK



Why video?

Going face to camera builds trust with your audience and increases the know, like and trust factor that makes them feel like they know you.  Are you more likely to buy from a friend?  Of course, you are.

Storytelling on video

Stories matter and allow people to connect.  If you can identify the superpower in your story then you can connect more deeply with your audience and find your gift to help other people with your story and gifts. 

Confidence comes with Repetitive Practice

Just start and practice will make you more comfortable.  If you feel more confident putting on make up then that’s great, but people love looking at the raw and vulnerability of IG stories because it’s showing the real you.  

Be seen as a resource

Share something that you DON’T sell and recommend in your stories once a day.  This will help you to be seen as a resource and not like a salesman.  You can talk about your product with confidence, but find a happy medium and recommend other things that you don’t sell, but they could benefit from it. 

Where should I start if I’m afraid of video?

Start with IG stories face to camera.  It’s only 15 second clips that you can use filters and stickers and GIFs to make it fun or even questions and tips that you can offer.  You have the ability to delete a story if you mess up, and knowing that it’s only out there for 24 hours helps you to feel more comfortable sharing. 

Why would people care to watch my video?  Who would watch this?

People need and crave connection.  They want to be entertained, learn free tips, and feel connected to you. 

Do’s and Don’t of Facebook Lives

Don’t do this on video

  1. Don’t introduce yourself on the video
  2. Don’t wait for people to join your LIVES before you start. 
  3. Don’t say “Happy Friday, or other greetings” 

DO this on video

  1. DO start with a hook right away (Ex: 3 must have tips to help you show up on video)
  2. DO have high energy and be excited. 
  3. DO talk directly to your avatar.  Assume they know you and are consuming your content.
  4. DO include a Call to Action at the end. Do you want her to answer a poll
  5. DO be prepared.  Know your hook, an outline of what you want to share and the call to action.
  6. DO ask them to do things so that they will comment and answer you.  This ups your engagement and boosts your posts.  This makes it a two way conversation and market research. You can get market research. go into the DMs and get their exact language.

What are Reels?

Reels is multiple shot or edits that can be combined with text bubbles etc. You can use other apps like inshot, videoleap, or videoshot video and upload it to reels so you can repurpose it.

If you inspire, entertain or teach on reels then on the explorer tab you can be found by people who otherwise may not have found you.

Up for a challenge? Post in your stories or Reels or Lives and tag @thevirginiakerr and I @angel.mcelhaney with #videochallenge.

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