o you ever feel like you are a jack of all trades and a master of none?  Maybe you are good at so many things that you feel like you lack the authority or expertise to be “the person” that does one thing?  

Today on the Multipassionate Mompreneur Podcast I spoke with Stefanie Gass from The Mompreneur Mastermind Show and we discussed how to figure out your God Led Calling and how to build an audience by building an umbrella brand through podcasting. 

How do you niche down?

Internal Work-Take the time to reflect, pray, and journal so you can have that quiet time to figure out what you like to do, what you are naturally good at, and what you want to monetize.  Waking up early for some time alone is a good way to do this internal work, as well as asking reflective questions of those whom you care for.  An example is, “If I were to teach you something, what do you think it would be?  Another strategy for making time and space for this work is to delete the social media apps on the weekends.  This gives you time to rest and refuel and just be.  This also sets boundaries with your clients, customers and fans as you grow your audience.  Remember to also tune out from the media if you need to as well. 

How to niche down?

Write down what you enjoy doing, what are your passions?  Next up, write down the things that make you up; your hard wiring.  For instance, what is your enneagram number, tendency or disposition?  Do you enjoy being around people or working alone? Think about who you are and what it is that depletes you or fills you up. What skills do you have?  Did you go to college to be a teacher or are you an effective speaker? Lastly, record a list of life experiences that have shaped who you are.  Are you a parent, have you experienced loss, or have you made it to the other side of a problem that someone may need help with?  

Once you have all of these figure out where they intersect and chances are this will be something that you very much know and could enjoy doing for some time.  Decide and commit to monetizing this ONE THING  for 6-12 months.  This doesn’t mean that you can’t do the other things that you enjoy and could monetize, just that you do those for enjoyment for this season.  Once you use that focused energy to do that one thing for 6-12 months then it’s a good time to pivot.  

Want a large form content funnel that can serve and solve for your audience with while still letting you be you?  Podcasting is a way to allow multiple content pillars reside under an overarching brand.  This allows you to pivot when needed without restructuring your whole business.  If you want to learn about the course I took to help this squirrel mama launch her podcast in just 30 days then shoot me a Dm or click here. 

Connect with Stefanie Gass on instagram @steffaniegass or join our free facebook community called Mompreneur Mastermind. 

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