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Time. Do you feel like it is slipping through your fingers?  There is just not enough time to do all the things that are important to you from the kids, the house, the business and your relationships?  Why do some people see to have control over where their time goes and flows, while I don’t?   It must be that they don’t have all that I have on my plate or that they don’t have the young kids that I have right?  Maybe they have help and well, I’ve lost my mom so I just don’t have that, right?


You can have control over your time and you can get the peace and calm that comes from knowing when and what you are going to give time and attention to all the things that matter to you.  Today we talk with Chelsi Jo of the podcast SYSTEMIZE YOUR LIFE and she teaches us the ultimate guide to hack your time and gain the control we so desperately need.  She shows us how to be proactive, rather than reactive and be more productive, present and peaceful.  


Reflect on what you want your motherhood and business to look like.  Who do you want to be? Do you want to constantly be annoyed when your kids come up and you are “trying to work?” or would you like to have the focus it takes to fulfill all of your roles fully?  

The Great 8

These are your standards as a family and works well to know what is important to you and prioritizing it.  This helps us to remember WHY we are in a work from home business and focus on what is important to us first.  This will leave us feeling more centered.  We won’t be constantly trying to fit work in all day because we know WHEN our work happens.  Are you doing each of these?  

Meal Prep

Personal Time

Family Fun

Date Night

To Do’s


Personal TIme

Physical Exercise


BOTH! Chelsi explains why the perfect system is merging the paper and digital planners so that you can know when and what you do in different blocks.  We learn how to start with 5 blocks.  She recommends a planner with a vertical layout and the timeblocks with and without kids.  This will keep you from trying to multi-task all day, but instead will give more of your energy focused on each card or task for each block.  This will enable your kids to get the attention they need, fill their tired tanks and also eliminate mom guilt. 

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