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Feel like you’re on a roller coaster? You’re finding that sometimes you have so much energy and sometimes you’re just on it when it comes to your business getting things done in your household, your overall productivity, just all the things? And then other times are you feeling so drained?

Feel like you are a different person from week to week or even day? Today we learn how to gauge our expectations with cyclical mapping, otherwise known as cycle syncing. We talked with Ash McDonald on this weeks podcast and she’s going to go into guys so much wisdom on how this can help you to up your productivity, to gauge your expectations and to honor yourself as a woman. This episode is literally going to change the way that you see your entire month and how you are showing up for yourself and your business thanks to cycle syncing or cyclical mapping.


Where you can adjust your diet, exercise and social interaction based on the changes in your cycle. It’s essentially giving yourself permission to honor the things that are happening in your body and how that affects how you show up in the world. So look at it at gauging your expectations for workflow and productivity so that you can ward off exhaustion and burnout in your work, but also think about how this could impact your motherhood, how it can impact your weight loss goals. And maybe even the frustration you get whenever you are expecting the same exact thing, the same exact habits that I speak about so much in every day.

Interview with mother of 3, therapist and mentor Ash McDonald.  She helps entrepreneurial women have the success they are accustomed to without sacrificing what matters to them so they can have a sense of flow in their lives and business. 

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