Productivity Hacks for the Enneagram 8 wing 7 Mompreneur Siv Priscilla dealing with Procrastination

I spoke with Siv Priscilla a mom of 3 girls, wife, entrepreneur and coach who works from home  and is working to overcome procrastination.  She is a multi passionate and has so many gifts and talents and has felt that she should niche down and figure out how to focus her energy.  We discuss her journey in taking messy action and discover what she wanted to do with each step.  She tells us how to get out of our head and overcoming fear of failure into her life.  She mentions failure being a “friend” to learn from and know when to pivot.  She is an inspiration of what you can do and how stepping into your identity and exploring who you are and what you were meant to do is so important. To hear more of our interview hop on over to my podcast or connect with Siv Priscilla on her blog here.


We learned that she was an enneagram 8 wing 7 and originally was mistyped.  The enneagram 8 is the challenger and the enneagram 7 is the enthusiast. In health the 8 goes to the good quality traits of the helper, which is a 2. The helper categories were one of compassion and love. In stress the 8 goes into the negative traits of the thinker, which is the 5. This results in a disengaged persona and feeling a sense of observation where you are looking for where you will be betrayed. When an enneagram 8 wing 7 is healthy and secure it’s a magical combination of power and love.

In If you feel like you might be mistyped or haven’t felt like “omg that’s me” then shoot me a DM on FB/Instagram because you might be mistyped!  After finding out her enneagram 8 wing 7 we were able to see her strengths and we also found where she is more fueled and depleted and used that information to help her with procrastination.  Please check out my ENNEAGRAM GUIDE here if you want to make sure you aren’t mistyped or to know where you go in health or stress.

Tips to beat Procrastination and step into your Power

1.) Have a Results List- Be realistic with what you can expect for yourself to be able to complete.  Putting too many things on our plate leaves us set up to fail.  

2.) Set a Timer- Sandwich Work/fun/work and then set timers to move between each of the tasks. Do you love to coach your clients, but not to do invoices? Sandwich that!

3.) Time blocking- Look at your time and where it is going and block up time without your kids if that means that you need to work while they are in school, asleep or before they get up. Set up times to fuel yourself and times to meet your essential needs. Once your needs are met you are going to be in such flow that you will be unstoppable.

4.) 2 min rule- Tell yourself you are only doing the thing you are procrastinating for 2 minutes. Yep, you heard it.. just 2 minutes. What typically happens is you go for 2 minutes and since it’s harder to stop and move activities you are more likely to finish. Don’t want to finish after 2 minutes? Well, commit to making yourself do 2 minutes each day and eventually it’ll get done and you can quit overthinking and letting it take up time and space.

5.) Develop a Workflow with MindMeister- This is a brainstorming app that gives a great organization to your ideas and proves to be an amazing brain dump. Following the brain dump you can take make a workflow that serves you so that when you do finally start you know what to do.

6.) Set deadlines- Make yourself accountable by making things due at certain times of the day.

7.) Tell the world- Post it on social media, tell your hubby or share with a friend. Most people need accountability and even if you don’t this can appeal to your identity and integrity as a person. We will typically break promises to ourselves, but not to others.

8.) Habit Stack- attach a new habit to an old one to allow yourself to build a ritual. Habit stacking increases the likelihood that you’ll keep up with a habit by stacking your new behavior on top of an old one. 

9.) Take breaks-  Enneagram 8 wing 7 are fueled by physical activity so set a timer for a certain amount of time and then go on a walk or some other physical activity.

10.) Put your shoes on! Either get ready for your day or whatever that means to you. Whether that means you need to take a shower or put your shoes on just get yourself into the place that mentality and physically gets you ready for work.

11.) Airplaine mode- set your phone on when you set up a work time block. Stop trying to multi task and think you can do everything at the same time. This leaves the feeling of failing at everything. Instead, time block and get more done in a shorter amount of time and be more present in the other times.

12.) Passion driven work- outsource things that you don’t like so you can hit more of a flow state and enjoy your work. Feel like creating and not sending the invoice? Outsource what you don’t like and realize the abundance that is yours and feed your little heart with tons of content for your customer and clients.


Siv Priscilla, as a busy mom and entrepreneur is able to step into her power using all of her strengths as a strong enneagram 8 wing 7. Do more of what you love and gives you flow and outsource if and when you can. If you need to do the tasks then set realistic expectations, set timers and just get started. Strategies for habit building are helpful and finding the one that works for you may time some accountability, clarity through apps and people as well as community support. You can do this mama! I can’t wait to see all the magic you are going to create when you get into action today 🙂

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episode 25: my mother’s daughter podcast

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