7 Ways to Celebrate Easter during Covid-19 Pandemic

There has been some talk on social media and it has assumed that Easter is cancelled because we can’t gather for celebration. I know that this isn’t what we usually do for Easter, but it still can be observed and honored as the great holiday that it is.

I want to implore you, beg or whatever I need to do to ask you to please not gather this weekend with your family. Some have went on to say things like “God will protect us” and I have to say that what if God protecting you by getting you to stay home? I feel compelled to make sure that you all see how you can get back to basics and the root of the holiday and celebrate it possibly the most authenticity that you ever have. What if free of the typical shuffling back and forth places or the egg hunts and bunnies leaves time for reflection and connection to yourself and God?

This isn’t to put judgement out into the world as I know we don’t know how to navigate all of this because it’s new to us all. This is just me showing that I care and hopefully getting you to pause for a moment and think about how sticking with this quarantine and staying home can keep our families safe.

Live stream a church service

We are so fortunate to be able to still have connection with the world with the internet. Use this major blessing to connect with the word and others on this day. Keep your morning traditions alive and get dressed up and live stream the service. You can also incorporate event planning into the home school agenda and the kids can decorate or send invitations to their siblings, develop a menu etc for the event.

Easter meal

Memories are often tied to food and so include something that is a staple from past Easters or make a new tradition. It’s so important that you just done with those in your house and instead of gathering you could deliver food to your family. You could even FaceTime your family and eat at the same time if you wanted.


Some photographers are offering porch-traits that are done using zoom and can be a great way to commemorate this time in history with humor or to capture The littles in their Easter clothes or maybe even a milestone you were worried you weren’t going to get captured. Photographers if you are doing this make sure that it is using all social distancing guidelines and do not go into heavier populated areas as you need to stay safe too.

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Easter Egg Walk

Ask your neighbors to decorate Easter egg pictures and put in their windows and when you go on a walk you kids can search for Easter eggs. Your kids can do an egg hunt with just themselves and if you want to make it more fun then jump in and play yourself.

Read books about Easter

You can read the Bible or other books about Easter. Reading aloud to your child will be such a welcomed way for them to get attention from you and learn at the same time. Ask open ended questions and let them learn about Easter and connect with you.

Easter Arts & Crafts

You can dye Easter eggs, explore patterns with an egg collage or so much more. I recommend to do process art over crafts because this can be best if your kids are multiple age ranges like mine. Process art is about the process, rather than the final product. That said, I’m a sucker for some handprint art because these kids just don’t stay little long.

Easter Bible Study

You can lead and teach your kids about Easter. Hopefully, now have the luxury of time where you can allow more time to explain how Easter reminds us that there is life after death and all about the resurrection of Jesus.


Overall, It is my hope that you don’t gather with your families. You miss them, I get it! The fact is social distancing most likely won’t work with kids because they just don’t understand it. This is so serious and I hope this helps you to see that Easter can still be celebrated during quarantine.

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