Out of all the photos I have with my mom this photo represents most about how I feel about her not being here. There are so many moments where I find myself angry and sad and frustrated that we were robbed of having her here longer. Growing up I was the oldest of 4 and I remember saying “It’s not fair” and mom saying, “Life isn’t fair” and boy was she ever right about that.

No amount of pouting will bring her back so I figured I would get stubborn living a life where I actually lived. What do I mean by that? Realize that the fact that I woke up today is a gift and that while pain is inevitable and out of my control..but suffering, I can choose to step out of that and into growth.

If you are feeling sad and overwhelmed after the loss I get it. This episode on MY PERSONAL STORY on My Mothers Daughter Podcast discusses who I am and who this podcast is for.  I talk about how I lost my mom and chose to honor her loss by helping others.  It is about how physical and emotional health, finding meaning in what you are doing, honoring loss and making a time for loss are all important while grieving and how you need people to get through it.

Published by Angel McElhaney

Hi, I’m Angel McElhaney and multipassionate momma just like you! I’ve often felt like It was impossible to niche down and hated the thought of doing only one thing! I know help other multipassionate moms who need clarity, focus and energy to take the entrepreneurial spirit to build a life they love. I believe that you can have it all if you answer the call on their hearts and have developed a focus framework using self discovery, personality mapping and support to focus your energy and have build success in life and business. After losing my mom when she was just 48 I realized that time was fleeting and that it was time to start living. Come along with me as we push through roadblocks and build a life were you do more of what you love. Check out my fb community called Multipassionate Mompreneur Collective where we offer support and community.

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